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Government Creates “Underclass” For It’s Own Purposes

The following was submitted by Al Kappenberger, from the Coalition of Eastern Shore Progressives:

Some thoughts on corporate exploitation and creation of the “underclass worker”, who take American jobs:

Consider how our government, being totally controlled by corporate money, will use money to further its own ends. It will always utilize every legislative avenue and public relations resource it can control, to perpetuate the belief that undocumented workers must be identified and deported, in order to prevent them from taking jobs from American citizens, who could do these jobs themselves. This is willfully creating an “underclass” in America.  Consider, too, that you hear all too often of businesses hiring undocumented workers with little or no attempt to verify their legal status. Law enforcement regularly looks the other way.

I believe there is more going on here than what would seem obvious.  You should also consider why it is that the undocumented worker will be hired over the legally documented worker, with similar qualifications. The obvious answer is that they will accept work for far lower wages. Why? It is the very fact that they are an illegal “underclass”,  having no legal rights or political power, that keeps their wages down. In truth, this actually gives this “illegal underclass” a form of  “power” that allows them to take a job from someone who expects to receive a higher pay.

It is in the interest of the business, who use unskilled workers, to do everything they can, to see that “undocumented” remain an underclass. If, on the other hand, the “undocumented” were treated the same as citizens, with full access to all services, and with complete access to petition our government, their wages and status would then rise to equal that of the rest of us. The “undocumented” worker would eventually loose this “power” to take American jobs for lower wages.

As I see it, doing everything the government and business can do to perpetuate an underclass to exploit, is the very thing that is allowing them to take American jobs! Every undocumented worker is a “person” and part of our economy, in every way.  All each one lacks is a piece of paper identifying that he is a US citizen. What makes him  a member of the underclass is nothing more than where he happened to be born!  Examples of these efforts on the part of our government, to perpetuate this exploitable underclass, is the move to deprive them of something as basic as a drivers license and the outrageous “papers, please” legislation being promoted in many States. These are not efforts to protect the “legal” worker, but rather, are parts of the continuing effort to perpetuate an underclass for business to exploit! An occasional raid by immigration officials, to round up and deport a few undocumented workers, is a necessary part of the strategy!

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