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And the beat goes on…

The Senate on Thursday night blocked a $35 billion bill for states and localities to hire teachers and first responders, marking the second defeat for President Barack Obama’s jobs agenda in less than two weeks. The bill, which failed in a 50-50 vote, marked the first attempt by Senate Democrats to move pieces of the president’s American Jobs Act that was defeated by a Senate filibuster last week.

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The GOP attack on the unemployed continues, unabated! What is it about JOBS that the Republicans don’t understand? Ahhh…right…compassion…economics 101…and, of course, defeating President Obama next year!  Perhaps, defeating the President is the biggest hurdle to overcome.  Republicans are hell-bent on that goal, putting blinders on and forsaking all assistance to the American workforce until they either have one of their own in the White House, OR, until they are soundly defeated at the polls in 2012.

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