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I’m Tired of…

"Sitting on their butts, enjoying their entitlements!"

I’m tired of those who belittle the unemployed or people needing help from so-called ‘entitlement’ programs. These stalwarts of American individualism claim that there are enough jobs for everyone who REALLY want to work – interpreted as not blacks, immigrants or Hispanics, who are too lazy to get off of their butts. What is it about compassion, understanding and reality that these ‘stalwarts’ fail to grasp?

"Make the Rich pay their fair share!"

In the same breath, they praise those “rugged individuals” who “pull themselves up by their bootstraps.” Those who start with nothing and scratch out a niche in their marketplace, working 18-hour days, 6/7-day weeks; entrepreneurs of the late ’80s and ’90s, who created the “tech bubble!” (Remember that one? Anyone lose money in the market in the late ’90s?) These ‘job creators’ are the backbone of America and without them, we’d have fallen into the great abyss…blah, blah, blah!

Call me crazy, but aren’t we deep in the abyss? Millions have lost their jobs, homes, cars, savings, and investments? Those ‘job creators’, ‘dot com’ bubble-makers, Wall Street hi-yield investment gurus, Bernie Madoff knock-offs, bankers who created the mortgage bubble and made billions when it burst, corporate execs that sent millions of jobs overseas, who sucked the life out of every working family!

Bank Too Big To Fail???

They point fingers at the unemployed, elderly, disabled, hungry children or mentally ill and say, “It’s their fault! Big Government!  Entitlement fever caused this.” FACT: Big Government didn’t cause the meltdown. Greedy, sleight-of-hand financial games, devious, unconscionable rape of workers’ savings and investments, including homes that were manipulated into low/no-interest mortgages, creation of CDOs questionably rated by credit agencies, Wall Street banks that put billions into mortgage debentures, but then ‘shorted’ them, betting that they would continue to collapse, and in the process, make billions more, without regard for the victim…the middle-class!

"We need to lower taxes for those "job creators" on the Boardwalk in Ocean City!"

I’m tired of hacks like Andy Harris, blaming high taxes on the wealthy and corporations – his supporters, the so-called “job creators” – for this economic mess!” Based upon mean personal tax rates, there are only 7 countries lower than the US (28%): Mexico (18%), Korea (16%), Australia (27%), Iceland (27%), Ireland (25%), New Zealand (21%) and Japan (27%). (OECD, 2007)  The rest run up to 55%!  In 2008, the GAO reported that 55% of US businesses paid no federal income taxes during at least 1 year in the last 7 it studied.

Based on these findings and the widening gap between wealthy and middle-class incomes, is there anyone who really thinks the rich or businesses are worse off now than they were 30 years ago?

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