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Our Petition Is On the White House Website!

Our petition has been published on the White House website!!! Please come and sign it! We need to have 5k signatures within 30 days in order to receive a White House response!!! Let’s be heard and stop giving tax-exemptions to religious organizations without verification!

Here is why this petition is needed:

The United States permits religious organizations to retain their tax-exempt status, year after year, without requiring proof of any kind that they are, in fact, not-for-profit. All other non-religious non-profits must file a Form 990 each year, to prove that they have a $0 balance and hence, no income tax due. Churches own some of the most sought-after real estate in large cities and small. They invest in businesses and receive dividends and capital gains without penalty. Also, many churches participate in political activities that should require a loss of tax-exempt status, which is no less than a government- and taxpayer-subsidy. Just as it would be unacceptable to allow government support to build a church, it should be unacceptable to subsidize one.

When we receive 150 signatures, the White House will put the petition on it’s public list of petitions!! Thanks for your support!

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