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Romney Says Releasing More Tax Returns Can Be Politically Damaging

Mitt Romney appeared on Fox and Friends Monday morning to respond to the growing number of conservatives who are calling on the former Massachusetts governor to release more of his tax returns. At least eight Republicans have urged Romney to publicize the records and put the issue behind him, but the candidate is sticking to his guns. The public will see just two years of returns and no more, Romney said, before appearing to admit that the records may contain something politically damaging:

Romney: The Obama people keep on wanting more and more and more. More things to pick through, more things for their opposition research to try make a mountain out of and to distort and to be dishonest about. We’re going to put out two years of tax returns.

Watch the video:

One of the Republicans also raising alarms about Romney’s returns… MSNBC host and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough predicted during Monday’s Morning Joe:

The fact is, there are a couple of years he may not have paid any taxes . Maybe he’s concerned about that. But if it’s going to come out, he needs to get it out now so he has a couple of months to explain it.

The Romney campaign played down the issue, arguing that Romney is already doing more than is required by law by releasing his 2010 and later his 2011 returns.

Looks to me like he has taken advantage of every single conceivable tax shelter loophole that we can see. And now if elected…he is suppose to be the guy that’s gonna clean up our tax code and make it advantageous to average taxpayers and the country? I think not.

The scary part is that it might even be worse than not paying his taxes… the fact that he is refusing to do what other candidates for president have done for decades tells you he has something to hide. Even conservative Republicans are telling him to release his taxes and he is now admitting that would cause him problems.  What is he hiding? Conservatives should be worried.

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