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Dirty Harry Is Trumped By Dirtier Mitts!

The following is my reply to a post on another blog about Harry Reid’s allegations, received from a former Bain Capital investor, that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid any US income taxes in 10 years:

In what may be a moment of monumental reflection, I agree (mostly) with what this post is saying, “That Reid’s statement, without more, is not playing fair or by what we wish the rules were.” Ok, with that said, let me also say that “playing fair” is a concept that is not exercised by Romney’s pitbulls or campaign “strategists, either.

First, in regard to “fairness”…the President has released 12 years worth of tax returns. Excellent! The American people expect their leaders to be able to divulge that kind of information without having to beg for it. Romney has released 1 year of incomplete returns, with a promise to release another year…but, not necessarily before the election. A natural question, which has been asked by left AND right, is, “What can he be hiding?” Assuming guilt or impropriety, just from someone’s action or inaction, is something we Americans are proficient at.

Second, the question everyone is asking, “Why not show him (Reid) to be the “dirty liar” (per Reince Priebus) he is accused of being?” GOP pundits, politicians and political allies of Romney are questioning his strategy of refusing to follow in his father’s footsteps. George Romney started the practice of candidates for US President releasing their tax returns…and it has been followed ever since, to one degree or another. McCain released only 2 years in ’08. However, it was enough to quell the concerns of the left and right, since there were no questions of McCain’s loyalty or financial dealings.

Romney (Mitt, that is), has announced that he has a lower tax rate (13.9% on $21 million in income in 2010) than most Americans have on $75,000). He also has offshore accounts, (including investments, Swiss bank accounts and $100 million IRA), that pay no taxes to the US. Illegal? Maybe not. But I and many others question why, as a loyal American, he refuses to invest in American institutions rather than foreign, and how, with a $6000 per year limit on IRA contributions, he has amassed a $100 million…tax free! Even if it found to be a legal exploitation of a tax loophole, such exploitation is not an attractive quality in a President.

I would be remiss in responding to your correct allegations of “unfair play”, if I didn’t raise (again) an example where Mitt played dirty…in fact, on the border of criminal fraud. Of course, I’m talking about his hypocritical and intentionally fraudulent TV ad, regarding the President’s speech, now simply referred to by the extreme right as, “You didn’t build that!” We all know, by now, that Romney’s ad took the President’s speech, cut and pasted sections and tried to make it sound like the words, in order, of the President. Not only was it an attempt at fraud (defined as “an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual”)…but it was proof positive of what the President was truly saying…yes, we entrepreneurs work hard and long, but, we also have others to thank for the successes we enjoy.

It seems that the “poster boy” in the ad, a New Hampshire businessman, had several million dollars in government loans, guaranties and contracts! So, yes, his success, at least part of it, can be attributed to HELP FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!! Gee, what a concept!

So, to summarize…Harry Reid is playing by some of the same rules as Mitt, only, whereas we have proof of Mitt’s fraud, we still don’t have evidence that what Reid has charged is false! Dirty Harry, true…but, there are dirtier Mitts than his in this game of politics!

Harris’ Legacy

Everyone leaves a legacy. When you die, you’re remembered for how you tried to make a better world for your children and grandchildren. In the case of Congressman Andy Harris, his legacy will be one of “lies, misleading distortions and half-truths”, resulting in a less safe & healthy world, for women, children and the chronically ill.

Proud of his legacy!

The Republican playbook in 2012 includes taking credit for other people’s work. Romney has taken “a lot of credit” for the auto industry recovery. “Bogus” is the nicest word I can muster on that claim.  Not to be outdone, Harris sent a Press Release last Friday, claiming credit for keeping the USPS from closing facilities or offices.  Can anyone tell me what Harris did?  Anyone familiar with this issue, including 100s of postal workers on the Eastern Shore, know it was Sens. Mikulski and Cardin that led the fight.  Mikulski even sent letters to Harris, seeking his support to save these jobs, without even a response! Chalk one up for “lies.”

Polls show how most women feel about the lack of Republican support on issues from health insurance to equal pay for equal work. Harris and his extremist cohorts have failed to support women’s issues.  Of course, it should be different when it comes to violence against women, right?  Wrong! Last month, Harris and the right-wing radicals refused to extend the Violence Against Women Act, which has reduced domestic violence by 58% since 1994.  Last week, Harris, in an attempt to fool women everywhere, voted for a gutted version. The purpose was to muddy the waters, and by confusing people, to appear to care about women. What is it about the treatment of women in the 1800s that is so appealing to Harris?  Here’s one for the “misleading distortions” column.

Now, for ”Half-truths.” Truth: Harris talks big on “making America energy independent.”  But the “lie” asks: Why do we sell America’s oil and natural gas abroad?  Why hasn’t Harris ever supported research into alternative energy sources that could reduce costs of traditional energy?  Why is he so intent on supporting “fracking?”  The answers all involve PROFIT and CONTRIBUTORS.  Harris’ CONTRIBUTORS want bigger PROFITS! “Fracking” is being suspended by other

Andy “Dr. No” Harris is willing to sacrifice the health of our children and grandchildren, for the temporary profits of his corporate supporters.

countries and across the US, because of health, pollution and earthquake dangers.  Will it create jobs here on the Eastern Shore?  No.  But, Harris gets lots of money from the Koch brothers and other out-of-state supporters in the oil industry.  Harris has even voted to take away all powers of the EPA to control “greenhouse gas emissions” which affect our health and the environment. Pollution of the 1900s, here we come…again!

These are just a few issues that affect Harris’ legacy. Ask yourself: Is this a legacy I would be proud to leave my children and grandchildren? I sure wouldn’t.

Denouncing 6 Big Republican Lies!

EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS VIDEO!  It explains, in plain language, why the lies being told by the right-wingnuts need to be rejected by all of us.  The GOP strategists continue to lie to their “limited information voters” who need nothing more than a half-truth, cliche or metaphor, sounding patriotic, to make a decision. These voters fail to ask questions or perform the research to uncover the truth that will show the simple-minded drivel being expressed by people like Perry, Bachmann, Paul and yes, even the most “normal-sounding” of all the wingnuts, Romney!  They are leading this country down the path of a theocratic oligarchy! As Reich says in this video: We cannot become so cynical that we give up, throw in the towel and allow the wingnuts to win. It will put us all back into the 18th century, where royalty, the church and the rich held power over the poor. By giving up, we give our children and grandchildren a future of submission and scraping to survive, while the rich control the world!

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