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Teddy & the Jackass!

"A Republican by any other name..."

In 1904, Republican presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt was addressing a rally when he was interrupted by a drunk who yelled, “I am a Democrat!” When Roosevelt asked why, the man replied, “Because my grandfather was a Democrat and my father was a Democrat.”

TR patiently nodded and said to the man, “Let me ask you, sir. If your grandfather had been a jackass and your father had been a jackass, what would you be?”

“A Republican!” the drunk shot back.

Rebuild The American Dream! LIVE!

WATCH LIVE: the Take Back the American Dream Conference has arrived

Click here for the LiveVideoStream:

It’s finally here – join us at the Take Back the American Dream conference right here on For those of you who couldn’t make it, Free Speech TV will be livestreaming the whole event on our site (Oct. 3-Oct.5).

We kick off at 9:15 – click here for a full conference agenda.

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