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Harris Equates Contraception to Communism

Rep. Andy “Dr No” Harris recently compared contraception coverage mandate in insurance policies to Communist “Religious Persecution.”   Yes, the man who wants less government intrusion when it comes to our air, water, financial and drilling controls, but more government intrusion when it comes to our bedrooms and private lives, now wants to compare the availability of contraception services in insurance policies (which is not forced upon anyone) to a totalitarian form of government.  Nice stretch, Andy!  But, as we already know, you are adept at lies, distortions and half-truths.

Club for Growth supports Dr. No, and vice-versa!

Of course, Harris, who likes to call together last-minute “Town Hall Meetings”, usually scheduling them for mid-afternoon, so no one can really attend, is now shying away from in-person confrontations, instead, choosing to show up on the telephone!  I guess it’s much easier to “accidentally” hang up on someone, than get up and walk out of the room.

This is Harris in an interview with the right-wing group, Concerned Women for America:

“What we need is—we need civil action. We need people to be talking about it, really expressing outrage to their friends and neighbors at how this could be happening in America. You know, my parents came from Communist countries, they actually escaped religious persecution like this, only now to have it happen here, right here in America.”

Is it any clearer why we need to replace this person?  He disappears after the election, failing to do anything constructive for his district or the people in it, and is supported by outside interests.  Can anyone name one thing that he has done for the people of the 1st district?  Of course, except trying to divide us!

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