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This was my response to the StarDem article, regarding the League of Women Voters candidates’ forum, held at Chesapeake College, on Sunday, October 21, 2012.  Three candidates appeared: Muir Boda (Libertarian), Dr. John LaFerla (Democrat), and Michael Calpino (unaffiliated, but sounding like another Libertarian).  Wait…isn’t there a Republican candidate in this race? Yes…Andy Harris, the incumbent, was conspicuously absent, refusing to debate what he referred to as “write-in candidates.”

Without the financial support of Koch Brothers’ organizations, Andy is a lost cause!

First, it is a telling commentary that Harris has refused to publicly face off with those running for the same office. His lame excuse is that he still considers Rosen as his opponent, since her name is technically on the ballot. This attitude shows exactly the kind of personality Harris possesses…one of diversion, issue avoidance and lies.

The truth is that the State Democratic Party (along with all the Counties in the 1st District), voted to replace Rosen with Dr. LaFerla, naming him as the official Democratic candidate. Harris’ refusal to face the public and his opponents is another attempt at his failure to accept responsibility for his poor performance while in office. He has one of the worst environmental records, both, while in the State Senate, and now as Representative. He should be ashamed of himself.

Dr. LaFerla deserves kudos for his dedication and integrity, stepping in to become the Democratic write-in candidate, even though his campaign is in an uphill battle this late in the race. Add to that, Harris’ refusal to let the voters hear the truth, plus the almost impossible odds to raise substantial funds this late and you can understand why Dr. LaFerla is a longshot. All the more reason why it is important for the voters to come out and write-in his name.

Dr. John LaFerla – Democratic candidate

Harris is more interested in “telling” people what to do, rather than “listening” to what the people say. He has lied outright on many occasions, twisting facts, ignoring the truth and using people’s fears to gain votes. He has argued that “the government is attacking our freedoms.” Tell us, Mr. Harris, what freedoms have you voted to take away? FDR referred to the “freedom from want”, which translates into not going hungry, not being homeless and even, receiving basic medical care. These are all ideas you’ve voted against, as well as defunding assistance to the chronically ill and long-term care patients.  It sadly sounds like the Nazis of the 1930s, who sought to divest German society of “the undesirables.”  Where did this philosophy, the foundation of your tenure in Congress, originate?  They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!


As far as Boda and Calpino are concerned, neither one has a real understanding of history, freedom or what Americans need right now. Theirs is a campaign of ideologies, not a campaign geared towards helping people in the 1st District.

Calpino’s statement, “We got along fine without the EPA until the ’70s”, would be laughable, if it wasn’t such a serious misstatement of history. The truth, for those of us who weren’t around in the ’50s & ’60s, is that we were NOT getting “along fine”, as Calpino says. Our water and air had become polluted to the point that children were dying, emphysema and other lung-related diseases, including cancer, were rising at record levels, and big corporations had free rein over the environment, to destroy as needed…for progress and profit! Many people forget that the EPA was started and supported by a Republican administration…Richard Nixon. BTW…the same President who said that he wanted to see Congress pass a National Health Insurance bill.

The Candidates (less Harris) debate the issues!

Boda’s statements are also laughable, especially his belief that all is well with the world since his employer, Walmart, pays men and women the same for equal work. Somehow, Boda has conveniently forgotten that Walmart was the target of several major lawsuits, alleging pay discrimination. He also ignores scores of studies that have shown the pay disparity that exists between men and women in America. His, “everything-would-be-fine-if-government-just-stayed-out-of-it attitude, is simplistic at best and an outright lie, at worst.

Andy Harris: Part of the Problem

I wrote last week about the need to replace Andy Harris in Congress. Today, I’m going to share some of the reasons why he needs to be a one-term representative.

Harris - Ideologue and Executioner

You may not agree with me on every issue, but we must all agree that Congress has been a big problem the past two years, failing to solve any of the nation’s real issues, with JOBS being number one. I think it’s commendable that there are representatives that believe in principles; however, when principles dictate ‘no negotiation or compromise’, they become words only, without achievement or inspiration.  Our country can’t afford such ideological luxuries.

We hear Republicans, like Gingrich, moan about more people being on Food Stamps; it’s true, but the reason is not that President Obama wants more people to receive them, it’s because more people are unemployed, a direct result of the financial meltdown that exploded in 2007, during the Bush administration. Lack of regulations, a free rein by the government, and unethical conduct on Wall Street, caused the pain and suffering on Main Street. People are crying out for jobs, while our biggest, most profitable corporations sit on trillions in unused cash. The gridlock in Washington has caused a gridlock in growth and expansion of the economy.

Our Bay continues to die, thanks to Harris' anti-environmental protection ideology

My high school history teacher taught us, “If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem!”  Andy Harris has been dismally poor in helping to find solutions. Whenever there has been an opportunity to create jobs, without gimmicks, he was opposed. He is even carrying over his poor environmental record from the MD Senate, where he opposed preserving the Chesapeake Bay, open spaces, wildlife refuges, solar grants, renewable electricity standards, emissions standards for power plants and cars, improved fuel economy standards, and improved energy efficiency standards. In fact, Harris has a score of just 9% for his environmental record. Are you filtering your air and water? If Andy Harris is re-elected, you may want to start!

In his own defense, Harris will point to his introduction, last year, of legislation to study “algae bloom” in the Chesapeake Bay. Too little, too late…and totally useless. Scientists already know what causes algae bloom; what we need is immediate action to stop it, not further expensive government studies. Why is it that boondoggle studies and wastes of taxpayer funds are OK when they are offered by Republican right-wing ideologues, but are lambasted when proposed by Democrats?  Can we say “Hypocrisy?”

Harris’ record on Social Security and Medicare is just as abysmal as his environmental record. He has  voted to cut benefits and medical services to those that can

Goodbye to Long-Term Care - "Dr. Death"

least afford it: our elderly and disabled. He recently voted to end long-term care services to the chronically ill and disabled; talk about a “death panel” – this, from a man trained in medicine! Perhaps, it explains why he became an anesthesiologist and not a family physician: he loves knocking people out!

Harris has had many an opportunity to show leadership and concern for his constituency; he has repeatedly failed, miserably, and needs to return to the operating room. In the coming months, I will share more of Harris’ record with you, showing that he cares little for what the people of the Eastern Shore think, unless it coincides with his ideology. Big corporate sponsors pull Harris’ strings, but it is the people of the 1st District who deserve to be the puppet-masters!

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