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Congressman Andy Harris continues to lie and misrepresent the facts. He says that a majority of Americans don’t want to see the debt-limit raised? A straight-out lie! The highest figures I’ve seen by researching the entire internet on this issue, was 44% opposed…hardly a majority. It was a poll conducted by a Republican (McInturff) AND a Democrat (Hart), so it was not bipartisan.

Votes against ending the government shutdown

Votes against ending the government shutdown

It’s about time that Harris be called out as the easy liar he is…as was editorialized recently by the Cecil Daily Times. Add his lies to the fact that he has opposed any legislation that would help the Eastern Shore, in any way, and we have every reason in the world to look elsewhere for a candidate who will truly represent our District. My vote is with Dr. John LaFerla, a man of integrity and strong desires to see the Eastern Shore move forward, with jobs, infrastructure and balance for our farmers and the environment.

Dr. LaFerla was one of the first on the site of Sandy devastation, calling upon Congress to help fund relief efforts. Where was Harris? Devising his excuses for voting against the Sandy Relief package. John LaFerla offers ways to fix our problems; Harris just adds to the problems and refuses to accept responsibility for his actions. This is why former Congressman, Wayne Gilchrest, has endorsed Dr. LaFerla…and why we all should!

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Comments on: "Harris Feels Safe, Continuing To Lie!" (3)

  1. Pat Stille Martin said:

    Maybe Dr. Harris is just getting too old to represent us. Think of what he might have done to improve the Maryland health care system if he had only put his time into improving it instead of rebelling against it.

    • Thanks for your comment, Pat. That’s why Andy has come to be nicknamed, “Dr. No.” One would think with all his education and experience, he would have more empathy and compassion for those who are unable (whether from financial or pre-existing conditions) to acquire health care coverage. The cost to the nation and individuals is staggering, since ER fees are passed on to everyone. Harris has more concern in espousing ideology than dispensing medicine to those who need it!

    • reinmd21811 said:


      You are joshing, right? If you think Harris is old, what is Biden? How about Pelosi? Or Harry Reid? If you can’t do better than “old”, go back to sleep.

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