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Give Obamacare A Chance!

When the naysayers throw out ridiculous assertions about “Obamacare“, they often overlook the facts. One of those “facts” is that when we compare the cost of medical technologies, we find that European countries have a cost that is anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 that in the US, for similar technologies.

According to investment analysts who follow the medical field closely, these reductions in cost are attributed to “socialized medicine.”

Recently, Ladenburg Thalmann & Co. Inc.’s, Jeff Cohen, whose livelihood is based on following the costs and efficacy of medical technologies, stated,

“Pricing for medical technology in European markets and the rest of the world is often one-half to two-thirds the cost of the U.S., because medicine there tends to be socialized.”

What does that mean? As “Obamacare” continues to be adopted and implemented in the US, we should continue to see medical technologies’ costs come down, which, in turn, will expand the use of better treatments and reduce the costs of health insurance, resulting in lower premiums.

As it was with Medicare almost 50 years ago, the opponents of Obamacare” should be looking past the politics and instead, focus on the benefits and advantages, from both the treatment and financial aspects. Medicare has been successful in providing health care for our seniors and disabled…give “Obamacare” a chance, and in 50 years, we’ll be able to say the same!


Comments on: "Give Obamacare A Chance!" (2)

  1. reinmd21811 said:

    Unfortunately you only state part of the facts. Firstly, FDA rules and policies have new products go through an average 16 year R & D, as opposed to an average of 10 years in other countries. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be all of the controls but those controls cost money. Those rules and regulations have NOT been addressed in the PPACA; instead many of the new PPACA rules are going to have an effect of reducing R &D because the return on investment is not there. Secondly if health care for more serious ailments is so good, why are people of means flocking to the US for care. Fact is if anyone wanted to remedy the INSURANCE problems there were avenues available. Instead a group of uber-liberals, totally ignorant of the real contents bullied through a PPACA that is neither affordable nor does it provide care. If you wanted to take care of a few million you could simply have given them a subsidy for pennies on the dollar of what PPACA is costing. As an attorney you fail to ever talk about tort reform, I guess you can’t gore your own ox.

    • Thanks for your comment! The FDA rules and policies are not the only prohibitions against the implementation of new procedures and technologies. Insurance companies have long sought ways to avoid paying for new treatments and medical technology. Ask anyone who suffers from AIDS, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. Cutting-edge treatments that Doctors are clamoring to use, can’t be implemented because the cost is prohibitive in the insurance companies’ eyes. People’s lives are already being controlled by “bureaucrats”…those bean-counters sitting in judgment of who gets treatment and who doesn’t, in the ivory towers of Aetna, Kaiser, BC/BS and dozens of other health insurance companies.

      I don’t know where you get your facts or statistics, however, while it’s true that some foreigners come to America for treatment, they are related to high-end care that requires expertise that is unavailable or minimally available in other parts of the world. When we look at general healthcare, required on a daily basis, by tens of millions (not just 100s), the truth is that Americans are traveling to other countries in order to afford what they can’t afford here. Just head down to Texas or Arizona or California and ask retired and low-income folks where they go for dental treatment; the response is “Mexico.”

      One of the major considerations for expatriates, when looking for a place where their retirement dollars could be stretched, is affordable healthcare, along with housing and food cost. That is why places like Mexico, Belize, Honduras and other Central American countries are now home to millions of US citizens. AND, if you ask most of them about their care, they give it extraordinarily high marks, citing personalized care and cost as the best parts of it. Mexico has government-provided care for less than $500/year, less than what it costs for a month of health care coverage here.

      I’m interested in hearing your statistics/facts on the statement you made that the ACA doesn’t provide care, nor is it affordable. All the stats and studies I’ve seen so far, including the new premium costs in Maryland, show that costs are going down and coverage is becoming much more available.

      ALSO, your old, tired speculations are the same things being bandied about by the anti-Medicare Republicans, back in the ’60s. They were untrue then, as they will prove to be untrue now! In fact, they already are!

      Regarding tort reform…I don’t support it; not because I benefit financially from it (I never handled many personal injury cases), but because it has been one of the few ways in which big corporations have been “willing” to make changes in products, procedures and safety applications. Before product liability became a big area in law, huge numbers of people, including many children, were killed or maimed each year, by poorly-designed products, badly-prepared food items and failure to adequately provide safety standards to thousands of items. Unfortunately, large jury awards seem to be the only thing that corporations understand. When their bottom line is affected, they act!

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