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Harris Has Let The Eastern Shore Down…Again!

We have all heard Rep. Andy Harris recite how much he cares about the people on the Eastern Shore.  Harris is from Baltimore County, but a large part of his Congressional District is on this side of “the Bridge.” (See

Harris defeated Kratovil with support by Koch brothers and Club for Growth

Harris defeated Kratovil with support by Koch brothers and Club for Growth

With huge out-of-state support, by right-wing extremists, Harris was able to defeat Frank Kratovil and Wayne Gilchrest, representatives who lived and worked here on the Delmarva Peninsula, and who represented our best interests.  On the other hand, we now have a representative who is from Baltimore and contrary to his rhetoric, cares little for Eastern Shore people or the Bay.

You don’t need to take my word for it; let’s look at his record.  While in the Maryland State Senate, Harris had one of the worst environmental records, and his lack of interest in helping to save our greatest natural resource, the Chesapeake Bay, was well-known.

His position hasn’t changed.  In fact, if Harris gets his way, instead of wind turbines off the shore of Ocean City, there will be oil rigs.

Oil Rig On Fire In Gulf. Is Ocean City Next?

Oil Rig On Fire In Gulf. Is Ocean City Next?

Yes, just as in the Gulf of Mexico, we will be creating an environmental disaster, just waiting to happen.  Can we imagine the devastation even a small spill would cause to the beaches and resort areas along Maryland and Delaware shores?  Such a catastrophe will make Hurricane Sandy seem like a non-event.

Speaking of Hurricane Sandy, which he referred to as an “historic storm”, what was Harris’ response to the record flooding and damages in Crisfield, Smith Island, Marion, Fairmount, Deal Island, Ocean Pines and Princess Anne? He, again, turned aside the interests of the Eastern Shore, and instead, voted “No” on the Sandy Relief bill. Even worse, he voted on a doomed bill that would provide $17 billion in aid, but only if it was offset by cuts elsewhere, something that had never been required in catastrophic emergencies like this. He knew it wouldn’t pass, but he and his Tea Party allies pointed to it, saying, “We tried!”

Farmers here on the Eastern Shore, also found out the truth about Harris, when he voted “No” on the extension of the Farm Bill (actually, the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012), even though it had come out of the GOP-led Agriculture Committee.

Harris cons 1st Dist Farmers, while voting 'NO' on Farm Bill

Harris cons 1st Dist Farmers, while voting ‘NO’ on Farm Bill 

Harris cons Women while voting 'NO' on VAWA

Harris cons Women while voting ‘NO’ on VAWA

Women, too, were brushed aside by his “No” vote on the Violence Against Women Act. Even though VAWA has been proven beneficial and effective, reducing violence by 50% – 67%, since its passage in 1994. What was Harris’ excuse for his “No” vote?  He released statement said, the bill didn’t contain a “conscience provision” for “religious organizations that want to help prostitutes but don’t want to tell them about abortion.“  So, instead, he is content with 1,200 women killed and 2 million injured, in domestic violence, annually.  According to the CDC, 25% of all US women are subjects of some domestic abuse.

As I said, the record speaks for itself. Of course, I don’t have room to report all of Harris’ “No” votes, from education to jobs, Medicare to veteran benefits. Stay tuned, because I will be exposing Harris’ record from now until 2014, showing why he is no friend of the Eastern Shore or America.  We deserve better than a puppet to out-of-state puppet masters, interested more in profits than people.  Shouldn’t it be People Over Politics? That’s what I was taught, anyway!


Relationships with a Majority

Original post:  

It is that time of year. The primary is over and we have to move into full campaign gear. Campaigns do not begin in the fall. They properly begin now. That is, if you are serious about wanting to win! And serious is what progressives need to be as we work to turn back the tide of right-wing radicals.

And this is the time of year when we rightly focus on our relationships with minorities. I plan to do that, but there is also a leading majority which has caught my attention. If it had not caught my attention, I would have to be brain-dead. And it relates to the War on Women. This new war, which blew up out of the desert of state legislators, clearly points up the need for women to be much more prominent in politics, and leadership positions in general.

And that means we have to be much more proactive in seeking out women as candidates for office and, when we find them, give them our utmost support. Need I point out that we have such a candidate in Wendy Rosen? The choice is not an idle one. Spread the word. The outcome of women entering into politics in ever-increasing numbers represents a sea change in society, with implications we might not have thought about previously. 

The War on Women tells us that we need to pay particular attention to gender relations. Surprise! Well, surprise for a reason which has been given less attention than it should. We already know that race relations are far worse than we would hoped for, or might have thought, but we now also need to understand some fundamental truths about gender relations.

One explanation for the War on Women is that we are now seeing some deep underlying problems revealed. It seems that we may be seeing a male backlash as women have become more prominent and, among other things, have gained control of their fertility. Now, women are under attack and the nature of the attack is astounding.

Previously, I noted that the legislative initiatives across the country would serve not just to undermine women’s health, but the well-being of families in general. The attacks are so widespread that it is impossible to attribute the activities to “ooops!” as a function of ideology. And it is being done in the open, and seemingly, without insight or understanding. It is not a stretch of imagination to suggest that this is not just ideological, as the right-wing has gained power. It seems it may be a manifestation of male power needs.

Sorry, guys, I have to say this. What is happening is not just a matter of misguided policies, ideology or slightly impaired judgment. This is serious, with deep implications for the well-being of all of us. It is time to put a clear focus on what is happening. In fact, this is not merely a matter of “gender relations”. Something more fundamental is going on and it would serve us well if we did self-examination and, I suspect, that academics might chime in with some observations from biology and cultural anthropology which would surely clarify the situation. We need to get this under control. The stakes are high and it is high time.

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