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Is “Class Warfare” the New “N” Word of the ’60s?

(This is in response to a blog post, made by my high school friend, Donna Scuderi, at:

This is a touching piece and I sincerely appreciate and understand the sentiments expressed. You should, rightfully, be proud of your Dad, for he was teaching you something that many in his generation failed to do or were ambiguous about with their children. Luckily, I had parents in the same league, and growing up, in and out of hospitals, I got to meet, firsthand, lots of AAs who worked there, mostly in janitorial positions. There all impressed me with their understanding and caring for me and the other kids, who were usually in beds, wheelchairs or casts of one kind or another.

Fast-forward (if I can steal a phrase) 50 years and what do we find? Because of the failure or ambiguity passed on by some parents, there is still racism, bigotry and hatred in our society. There is little difference in the vitriol, but there does seem to be a difference between the outright racism of our growing up years and the racism of today. Today, there is very little direct reference to the “N” word. Those political strategists looking to harness the “energy and passion” of those who hate, have reframed the issue to attack by making references to “class warfare” being perpetrated by AAs and their ideological companions. The sad fact is that those who might otherwise disagree and who would abhor the outright racism of the ’50s, are accepting of the “class warfare” moniker. The strategists are being rewarded by those who have been duped into believing that “class warfare” was initiated by the left.

The truth is that “class warfare” has ALWAYS been initiated by those in positions of power and wealth, as a defense against those in servitude who demand equality, opportunity and respect. After all, who would come out and say they are against equality, opportunity and respect? Especially if they profess to be of a superior moral fiber?

In its most current incarnation, “class warfare” erupted on the scene, concurrent with the election of President Reagan, a man who was convinced that if the wealthy and powerful were given more wealth and more power, it would eventually “trickle down” to the masses. Unfortunately, it took too many, too long, to admit that when the wealthy and powerful were given more wealth and power, they simply became even wealthier and more powerful.

Economic growth isn’t one-sided and it is certainly not top-down. Growth comes from a combination of the “top” meeting the “demand” of the “masses”, meaning that without the people with the means to purchase, there can be no growth. The people with the means (the Middle Class) have been losing ground over the past 30 years, both in power and in wealth, with real income and savings going down, not up, as it has been heading for those who are already wealthy and powerful.

Step in, the strategists, who see the poor and former Middle Class (after the economic meltdown) as the supporters of “class warfare”. Because of social and economic realities, the percentage of poor in this country are black and Hispanic. Hence, racism rears its ugly head and is now cast in economic terms; much more palatable and easy to publish, than straight out screaming of the “N” word. Sadly, even those who were properly taught and who sincerely believed they were saved from being the racists of our generation, have succumbed to the “class warfare” tag, allowing themselves to be cast as the modern-day bigot, even though they may not be.

I don’t believe that either of our Dads would be happy with the current state of affairs. Even the true Conservatives of the ’50s and ’60s (the Goldwater’s and Nixon’s) would not want to be seen with the likes of most Tea Party members today. I dare say, even the Great Communicator, President Reagan, must be restless in his grave, “seeing” what has happened as a result of his failed “trickle-down” theory and the economic imbalance it has caused.

Teddy & the Jackass!

"A Republican by any other name..."

In 1904, Republican presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt was addressing a rally when he was interrupted by a drunk who yelled, “I am a Democrat!” When Roosevelt asked why, the man replied, “Because my grandfather was a Democrat and my father was a Democrat.”

TR patiently nodded and said to the man, “Let me ask you, sir. If your grandfather had been a jackass and your father had been a jackass, what would you be?”

“A Republican!” the drunk shot back.

Rebuild The American Dream! LIVE!

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Denouncing 6 Big Republican Lies!

EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS VIDEO!  It explains, in plain language, why the lies being told by the right-wingnuts need to be rejected by all of us.  The GOP strategists continue to lie to their “limited information voters” who need nothing more than a half-truth, cliche or metaphor, sounding patriotic, to make a decision. These voters fail to ask questions or perform the research to uncover the truth that will show the simple-minded drivel being expressed by people like Perry, Bachmann, Paul and yes, even the most “normal-sounding” of all the wingnuts, Romney!  They are leading this country down the path of a theocratic oligarchy! As Reich says in this video: We cannot become so cynical that we give up, throw in the towel and allow the wingnuts to win. It will put us all back into the 18th century, where royalty, the church and the rich held power over the poor. By giving up, we give our children and grandchildren a future of submission and scraping to survive, while the rich control the world!

Cantor…Then and Now!

Some things never change! There was a time that I thought people grew wiser as they aged from high school to adulthood.  We pass through college where huge changes occur; my alcohol intake skyrocketed, my ability to discuss philosophical and sociological issues went from a 1 to a 9 on the Richter Scale! Love entered my life and softened me in ways I never expected. Then, children suddenly appeared and brought more change…the selfishness that is inherent in the young, suddenly dissolves when you have your own children. Instead of “sel-FISH”, we become “sel-FLESS!”

These changes happen at different times for different people; but most people I know at or near my age (guess) seem to have gone through them. No wonder it surprises me to look at someone who is considered a “leader” by many, if not in reality, then certainly by the role he has taken. Consider Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA).  He is the Republican Majority Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives. Formerly, he was House Minority Whip, elected to Congress in 2001, after having served in the Virginia House of Delegates for 9 years and working as an attorney in his family’s real estate development business. Cantor is married and has three children.

Now, one would think that with all his experience in public and private life, plus marriage and raising three children, a person like Eric Cantor would have

"I want It When I Want It"

gone through a maturation process, right? WRONG!  When it comes to growth and maturity, Cantor is back in high school, waiting for the bell so he can go kick some sand in the face of the “90-pound weakling” who’s waiting to be picked up by his mom!  Now, how do we know what kind of person Eric was in high school? We need to go no further than his high school yearbook; the photo of the tie and jacketed Cantor, hair perfectly coiffed, a Mona Lisa smile on his kisser…and the quote he chose for “the Ages” to remember him:  “I want what I want when I want it!”, attributed to the late 19th-century lyricist, Henry Blossom.

Sure, high school kids do stupid things; most of us have done things in high school that we would never do now, as adults, with our own kids! AND THERE IS THE RUB!  Eric Cantor acts today the same way he did in high school. His “no compromise” position in Congress seems to reflect the Blossom quote perfectly. Cantor’s most recent exposure as a selfish, greedy, demanding, non-empathetic and uncaring ‘kid’ is his refusal to support Disaster Aid for victims of the East Coast Earthquake and Hurricane Irene, expected to result in billions of dollars of damage. We’re talking about people flooded out of their homes, small businesses shut down, bridges and roads destroyed, and many who couldn’t afford insurance to protect themselves.  Cantor said he’ll approve aid IF he gets ‘what he wants’, which is corresponding cuts in Federal spending. Oh…I almost forgot…in 2004, after Hurricane Gaston caused $20 million in Cantor’s district, Cantor OPPOSED a bill to reduce Federal spending by an amount equal to disaster aid! 

So, hostage-taking has again reared it’s head as a tool to get Eric what Eric wants, when Eric wants it!  No compromise,

"I want my rattle...NOW!" - Eric Cantor

no negotiation! ‘Instant gratification’ is something I always associated with babies and toddlers. If they don’t get what they want, WHEN they want it, there’s crying and screaming and whining and kicking and more crying; perhaps President Obama needs to buy a gold-plated baby rattle and send it over to Cantor’s office.  If nothing else, it may distract him from hurting people for a little while! “Ga-ga. Goo-goo. Bop-a woppa-goo-ga!”   


Cantor Turning His Back On ALL Americans!

Just when we thought that the days of holding America hostage had passed, Rep. Eric Cantor takes center stage again!  This time, he has declared that those who have suffered losses as a result of the East Coast 5.9 quake, and Hurricane Irene, must forego any relief without corresponding cuts in other Federal programs. Unfortunately, Cantor’s house was not damaged in either calamities, so he is much more eager to take a stand on this issue.

"How Much Do I Care?"

What is it about Cantor – his personality, his background, his hatred of his mother – that causes him to act in such a cavalier way about the suffering of those without corporate resources?  He has shown, in the past, that he can act with empathy and compassion, when it comes to all those suffering, penniless, hard-working corporations, when he gives them the tax credits and subsidies they so ‘richly’ deserve.  How can he express such a heart for those BIG corporations, but fail to entertain the thought of any relief for the BILLIONS in losses that have been experienced by families and small-business owners, up and down the East Coast…INCLUDING HIS OWN CONSTITUENTS?

Cantor’s response to his critics seems reasonable: “Again, just like any family would operate when it’s struck with disaster – it finds the money it needs to to take care of a sick loved one or what have you and then goes without trying to buy a new car or put a new addition on the house –that’s the kind of situation we’re finding ourselves in at the federal level,” Mr. Cantor said. (Source: Interview on, where else? FOX News, 8/29)

To be honest and direct (would you expect anything else from my lips?), I am sick and tired of hearing about how “the Federal government needs to start acting like American families”, who supposedly “live within their means!”  The truth is, if the American family is living within it’s means, how do you account for total U.S. consumer debt at $2.43 trillion, as of May 2011? (Source: Federal Reserve’s G.19 Report on Consumer Credit, released July 2011)

The real truth is that when CREDIT started to be utilized in the United States on a large scale basis (after WWII), Americans stopped living within their means and instead, started relying on credit for everything, from washing machines, TVs, automobiles and housing, to vacations, clothing, gas, restaurants and groceries! Americans even use credit to pay for other credit! Talk about reliance!  If hypocite, Cantor, doesn’t have at least 2 credit cards or his house, car or ‘home addition’ financed in some way, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. (stepping out on a big limb there, huh?).  The fact is that the average number of credit cards held by American cardholders is 3.5, as of year end 2008 (Source: “The Survey of Consumer Payment Choice,” Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, January 2010). And the number of credit cardholders in 2008 was 176.8 million. (Source: “The Survey of Consumer Payment Choice,” Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, January 2010).

So, WHAT THE HELL are right-wing conservative puppets spouting when they talk about “rugged individualism” and “self-reliance,” which, of course, goes hand-in-hand with the “belt-tightening” of American families?  I don’t think I even need to answer such an obvious question!

Now, is such an abundance of credit card and other credit spending good for America?  ABSOLUTELY!!  (You thought I was going to say “No”, didn’t you?). Two-thirds of our economy is made up of  CONSUMER SPENDING. Without credit, the economy of the United States of America falls to its knees.  I only need to point to the current economic crisis, when banks and credit card issuers have drastically curtailed lending and cut back on credit card issuance.  If it wasn’t for Federally-sponsored mortgage programs, 90% of the homes being sold today would still be sitting vacant, weighing down the accounting books of American banks more than they currently are.

OK…let’s get back to what this post started with: Talking about Cantor’s refusal to allow any further Irene and Earthquake disaster relief, without corresponding cuts in other Federal spending.  I have one question for Mr. Cantor: If we can’t rely on the Federal Government to assist Americans in times of disaster, without holding us hostage, then what can we count on?  It’s called Emergency Relief and Disaster Relief, because the money is needed NOW, because people and businesses are SUFFERING NOW!  These folks have been put out of their homes, seen their places of work destroyed and have no means of recovery (many couldn’t afford, and had no insurance during these two events). They can’t wait for hostage negotiations to render a decision whether they file for bankruptcy, live in the local “Y”, and start collecting Food-stamps and Welfare for them and their kids. Cantor can add them to the other 40 million Americans who are barely surviving because of spending cuts, deregulation of Wall Street and BIG corporation wholesaling of American jobs overseas! Welcome to the Tea Party, folks! Would you like fries with your tea?

"Welcome To My Circus!"

Cantor and the rest of his Tea Party ilk (definitely said with a sneer on my face) need to take a course in Sensitivity Training. They need to realize that the average American lives with a 2-month ‘cushion’ for survival, not with the huge cash reserves being held by BIG corporations.  Cantor and the circus that his people have created in Washington, need to fold up their tents, cash in their tokens, put down the cotton candy and step-up to the responsibilities they accepted when they took the job, according to Article 6 of the US Constitution,“…that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

3 Unbelievable Rick Perry Quotes

"What, We Worried?"

3 Unbelievable Rick Perry Quotes.

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