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What Would Sam Say?

About 250 years ago, English poet, essayist, moralist and lexicographer, Samuel Johnson, wrote,

“Patriotism is the last stronghold of scoundrels.”

Samuel Johnson, English Poet, Essayist and Thorn in the Side of Edmund Burke. His birthday was September 18th.

Samuel Johnson, English Poet, Essayist and Thorn in the Side of Edmund Burke. His birthday was September 18th.

Hard words, no doubt, especially for those, even in his day, who were more interested in ideology than substance and pragmatism.  It offended some and struck a chord with many. What did Johnson mean by this outrageous comment?

It seems that Johnson had Edmund Burke in mind when he made this epic statement. Johnson had no love for Burke and considered him and his party manipulative politicians, fitting for this petard.

Johnson believed that Burke’s false patriots appealed, emotionally, to the rabble, with their fruitless petitions and endless charade of ‘doing what is in the best interests of Great Britain.’

It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same, since we, in 2013, are facing the same ‘patriots’, using emotion, fruitless legislative ‘petitions’ and the flag, to appeal to those who give truth and fact little attention.

If Johnson were alive today, I have no doubt that his Edmund Burke would be our John Boehner (or Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, et al) and his “party” would be the right wing of the GOP (read, Tea Party).  He may, in fact, be writing this very column, calling out the current day patriots, as scoundrels (or worse). He would very well be shaking his head at the hue and cry of the Tea Party patriots, who carry the flag as evidence of their love of country, as if no one else cares about the country or its future.

According to Merriam-Webster, a “scoundrel” is defined as, “a person (especially a man) who is cruel or dishonest.” If we concede that many, if not all, politicians are less than straightforward and truthful at some point in their careers, then all we have left is someone who is “cruel.”

How would Johnson define cruel, as it relates to these patriots in 2013?  He, as many of us, would look at the “fruitless legislative petitions” being advanced by them, determining if they can be considered as cruel.  Johnson would not be surprised to find that Obamacare, a program meant to provide health care for 40 million uninsured Americans, has had 40+ “fruitless legislative petitions” thrown at it, in hopes of reversing it.  He would also find petitions to reduce food subsidies to those who are at the bottom rungs of our economic ladder, along with petitions to reduce care for chronically-ill citizens and the disabled, cut

"Patriotism is the last stronghold of scoundrels!"

“Patriotism is the last stronghold of scoundrels!”

funding for education and government services, or reduce regulations to keep our air and water breathable and drinkable.

Cruel?  If we look at the people who will be harmed most by these fruitless legislative petitions: the elderly, children, disabled, students, the poor, hungry and unemployed, how could we answer that simple question with a no?  Whether we use the Golden Rule, introduced over 2000 years ago, or a purely moralistic or humanistic approach, Johnson is no doubt wincing, “The scoundrels have taken over the world!”

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